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19 Best Drop Servicing Ideas To Help You Get Started In 2023

Written by Cody

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

The advances in digital technology have enabled millions of people across the globe to instantly collaborate. Teams are built overseas, comprised of professionals with position-matched skills; empty job positions don’t remain vacant for long, and finding the right gig is easier than ever.

However, many businesses don’t have the time to scout for talents, especially if an urgent task just came up. That’s where you, a drop service provider, come in.

This is a job that revolves around accepting jobs that you find profitable and then hiring freelancers to do it for you at a lower price. In this article, I’ll be highlighting 19 of the best drop servicing ideas you can implement in 2022 by starting a business or offering these services as a side hustle.

What Is Drop Servicing?

Drop servicing, more popularly known as “outsourcing” is a term describing the process of accepting a job from an employer that will be delegated to a professional with the right skill set.

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It’s great because you don’t have to waste hours and heaps of money on acquiring the necessary skills for the jobs that currently pay the most.

Furthermore, it’s a future-proof job. Meaning as the landscape shifts you can offer different services to meet the market’s needs. All you need to do is simply hire the right people for the job at a price that still provides you with a profit.

19 Drop Servicing Ideas

1. Blog Post Writing

Nearly all modern companies have blogs, in which they delve deeper into why their products/services are important and how they are different. “Dedicated” blog websites are even more prolific and tend to upload multiple posts daily.

The amount you can charge for blog post writing will vary based on your writing level, depth of research, niche, etc.

According to okwrite, the average price for a blog post on the high end is $151 – $500 and on the mid-level is $75 – $150.

For technical blogs (e.g. medicine, law, architecture, and such), the cost per post can be much higher. Again, it depends on the level of experience required to write the post as well as the quality of service you provide.

For certain topics, using an AI writing software is an incredibly efficient way to get blog posts written quickly. However, be aware that these AI writing tools shouldn’t be used to just spit out garbage content without any modifications or proofreading.

If you want to create high-quality content you’ll need to fact-check everything, add high-authority links, images, etc.

If you don’t want to go the AI software route you can always hire a freelancer. Finding blog writers is remarkably easy; you can start your search on Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer; each of these platforms is home to thousands of experienced writers, but more importantly, their rates range between $10 to over $150, meaning that you can quickly assemble a team that fits the project’s needs and your budget.

You might think “all of the writers on these sites are low quality and won’t produce a quality end product for might client”.

Well, in my experience having a rock-solid writing brief with a detailed outline of what you want if the number one most important factor. Additionally, you need to vet each writer before hiring them by looking at their qualifications, past work, and preferably conducting a phone or Zoom interview.

2. Online Customer Support

Virtual assistants or online customer support staff are in higher demand than ever because of the popularization of remote work culture.

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You can accept an online customer support job as a drop service provider from virtually any brand and hire nearly anyone with a PC and a strong work ethic.

Typically, these gigs revolve around solving help desk tickets and replying to customer inquiries via chat boxes. E-commerce stores for example need to highly prioritize customer service to remain competitive. So approaching various e-commerce stores and offering your services could be a great option to start acquiring new customers.

Although more and more companies are beginning the implement the use of AI chatbots, a customer support rep still needs to be ready to interact with a customer in the event that the chatbot cannot answer their query. Therefore, hiring a freelancer who has experience working with various chatbots could be a plus.

Freelancers typically expect $10-30 per hour for this kind of job.

So, if you can find a reliable freelancer looking to perform the job for $12/hour and are able to generate $22/hour from a brand then you’re profiting $10/hour without using any of your own time!

3. NFT Art Creation

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are digital art commonly purchased by crypto collectors and enthusiasts. Aside from looking great, NFTs are exploding on the market, with dozens of new projects being founded daily.

Since NFTs are typically priced by ‘rarity’, the ‘hype’ around new projects is what makes people flock under to them. All you’ll need for this drop servicing opportunity is a keen eye for promising projects and a couple of digital art designers to make small fortunes.

There are tons of graphic designers and dedicated NFT creators already out there that you can hire to outsource NFT artwork.

Furthermore, with the rise of AI art generators, you could even potentially create NFT art with the click of a button. All you need to do is provide the generators with high-quality commands and some of the art that these things spit out is unimaginable.

Just check out what Jasper Art creator for me when I provided the prompt:

“An animated small cat, adorable-looking, symmetrical. Insanely detailed, colorful, high resolution, whimsical, 8k, unreal engine, POV low angle from the front grass”

Although the legalities of who actually “owns” AI-generated art are still somewhat in the air, it may be a viable option with the go-ahead from a legal professional.

4. YouTube Video Editing

The fact that no one really knows how many videos are uploaded to YouTube daily should say enough. With billions of users, millions of which are creators either by profession or out of a hobby, a shortage of YouTube video editing gigs will not come anytime soon.

That also means that you don’t have to look far to score a drop servicing gig in this department. You can start with emerging stars and work your way up to established YouTubers, offering them your services.

According to Tuberanker, a basic edit costs at least $375 while more difficult tasks go up to (and sometimes beyond) $750 per video.

Just check out Glassdoor and you’ll see that they estimate that a YouTube video editor makes about $55k per year in the US.

5. YouTube Thumbnail Creation

YouTube thumbnails are, in my opinion, one of the most important parts of a successful YouTube video. Everything a video has to offer is irrelevant if you don’t click on the thumbnail, which is precisely the reason why these graphics are so vital.

More and more YouTubers are coming to what is easily the most popular video social streaming platform of today, and all of them want to upload as many videos as possible. Each video requires a thumbnail, meaning that whoever you partner with may want you to deliver dozens of thumbnails each week.

That being said, the cost of individual thumbnails isn’t too high; it ranges between $10 and $15 depending on how complex the end result is supposed to be.

You can hire a freelancer for one-off gigs for as low as $5 or order a batch of as many thumbnails as you want since most professionals offer more approachable fees for bulk orders.

Dozens of graphic design experts on Fiverr specialize in YouTube thumbnail creation, so I recommend you start your search there.

6. Website Auditing

Website auditing is a job in which a professional needs to analyze every possible factor of a website that may impact its search engine visibility.

Some companies are prepared to pay tens of thousands of dollars for this kind of job, especially big corporations that are struggling to adapt to new Google SEO requirements. Even smaller brands won’t risk falling behind and may offer you $500-1,000 for a gig as simple as auditing a 10-page website.

Just take Matt Diggity’s company, “The Search Initiative” for example. They offer SEO auditing services that start at $2.8k.

This isn’t something companies take lightly, as even the best SEO auditing tools can’t compare to the methods of experienced professionals.

The reason why I think this is one of the best drop servicing ideas is that technical SEO auditing professionals can be found at a relatively fair price. If you’re able to markup their price by 100-200% then you’ll have plenty of profit and will be able to hire more professionals to do even more jobs.

These jobs are in remarkably high demand but the best time to search for technical SEO gigs is when Google updates its SEO requirements. Even if the change is tiny, ‘all’ brands worldwide need to adapt to it and will either get their in-house teams on the field or hire freelancers as quickly as possible.

7. Website Speed Services

Website speed optimization is the process of ensuring all pages on the website load as quickly as possible. Since it affects Google’s ratings, most businesses are willing to pay well for a competent professional that can get the job done correctly.

The market of website speed optimization freelancers is vast, especially on Upwork; you can expect to pay anywhere between $15 to $250 for this gig. Various factors including the job’s complexity, website size, and the current state of the website’s page-loading speed will all determine the price you can charge.

Larger websites that have neglected this aspect may require you to hire multiple speed optimization professionals, or else locating and fixing the errors may take too long.

8. Dropshipping Product Research

Dropshipping is the process of “selling” products from another company, so by drop servicing “dropshipping”, you’ll be the second middleman in this arrangement. Dropshipping product research is considerably simpler, as you’ll only need to find trending products that your client will later dropship.

This is an excellent idea for people that want to be minimally involved while getting decent money on the side.

Although there are many tools out there that claim to provide people with “trending” dropshipping products it takes a keen eye and much research to find a product that will truly be successful. Methods such as looking at competitors’ ads on Facebook or using various TikTok Shopify dropshipping techniques to find new products.

9. Guest Post & Link Exchange Outreach

As opposed to other drop servicing ideas, here you’ll be searching for people with not only good connections but also the right interpersonal skills to do outreach on your behalf.

The main idea of being the “middle man” in guest post & link exchange outreach is to help your clients build better traffic; this is usually the main criterion that affects how much you’ll be paid at the end of the day.

It takes more than wishful thinking to make guest post/link exchange ventures successful. You’ll need to find websites with high domain authority & rating; good trust & citation flow, and decent existing traffic.

The broad idea here is to hire someone who can find the contact information of those in charge of content at a particular company and then have them reach out to the person offering them a guest post or link exchange opportunity.

I highly suggest using cold email outreach software to help streamline the process of finding and reaching out to the right people. The freelancer you hire to perform this drop servicing task will need to be able to effectively communicate and build relationships with people they want to collaborate with.

For this drop servicing idea, you can either charge an hourly rate, a base rate, or a rate that’s based on the DR of websites you were able to land a link from.

For example, you could charge your client based on Ahref’s DR metric as follows:

  • DR 21-40: $100/link
  • DR 41-60: $200/link
  • DR 61-70: $300/link
  • DR 71-80: $400/link
  • DR 81-90: $500/link
  • DR 91+: $700/link

10. Social Media Management

With nearly 4.5 billion people being active on social media, your chance of finding a social media management gig to outsource is unsurprisingly high.

Payment modalities are remarkably flexible, as you can negotiate hourly, weekly, monthly, or ‘per-post’ payments with both your client and the freelancer you’d delegate the gig to.

Regarding what types of gigs you should be expecting, the simplest example is if a company wants to increase activity on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. More complex tasks revolve around analyzing the post’s performance, modifying current marketing strategies, and expanding into other markets.

You may also be tasked with writing creative captions, using appropriate hashtags, interacting with people in the comments, responding to DMs, etc.

All of these tasks are things that are relatively easy to outsource to someone at a cheaper price. Just be sure to monitor the performance of the freelancer you hire for the first couple of weeks.

This will ensure that they stay on the right track and don’t end up hurting your clients’ brand, which will ultimately look bad for your drop servicing business.

11. Product Photography Services

When it comes to drop servicing, product photography can be extremely profitable if you have the right skill set. I don’t recommend outsourcing ‘everything’ for this gig, as it can cost you thousands of dollars and ultimately pummel your potential profit to oblivion.

This type of job is more than just taking a photo of any given product. It’s about having the photography skills to find the right angle & spice up the scenery; having professional photography equipment, as well as experience in popular photo editing software.

The best way to go about drop servicing product photography jobs is to ideally do the photography yourself and then outsource all of the editing to somewhat else.

Your client may want to have the product’s background removed and placed on an animated background. Perhaps they want a 3D render of the product, or maybe they just want a basic touch-up. Whatever the case, the photo editing process can be time-consuming but can also be easily outsourced to the right freelancer.

12. Voiceovers

Voiceover work is often seen being used in the film industry. A production company hires expert voice actors to give “voices” to other actors, animations, or inanimate objects, especially if the movie is in a different language.

Nowadays, voiceovers are an essential part of marketing campaigns for companies and brands of all sizes.

Although TikTok really popularized its AI voice generator “Text-to-speech” feature, there is still a lot of demand for more humanized voiceovers.

For example, to reach people globally, a firm needs ads in different languages. Instead of redoing each ad from scratch, it’s much easier to only substitute the audio.

Voice actors are always searching for new gigs, as most of their jobs are typically for videos that range in the 1-minute to 10-minute mark. You may even find a lot of YouTubers looking to hire voiceover actors (like this one).

13. Logo Creation

Designing a logo should be simpler than designing a website, right? Hmm, not always. It’s the simplicity that makes some of the most memorable logos so successful, which is precisely the reason why this type of gig is so well-paid. Here are a few of some of the best logos of all time.

Image source

Theoretically, you can open Paint and stamp the initials of your employer’s brand in a cool font over a couple of lines, but you’re likely to be turned down in a heartbeat.

The main challenge of this job is finding a person experienced with logo design specifically. In order to land big clients with this drop servicing idea, you’ll need to be able to nail your client’s vision and produce a logo that goes above and beyond their expectations.

This line of work is so profitable that many professionals do it full-time and charge ridiculous sums of money. If you land a big client, consider hiring a freelancer with loads of experience that is able to meet that client’s needs. For smaller clients that don’t have the same budget, hire a freelancer that charges you less so that you can still make a profit.

Even if you make a slight profit from a respectable brand, it will increase the chances of the phone ringing for you again, and carving up your niche in the logo drop servicing industry can net you thousands of dollars per logo.

Emerging brands sometimes pay as little as $2-5, but heavy hitters sometimes pay $2,500+.

14. UGC Video Creation

UGC or User Generated Content is the collection of content that users either provide to a brand or upload directly on their social media pages. I’m sure you’ve seen at least a few people on social media making video testimonials about a product or even doing an unboxing. That’s a couple of the most typical examples of UGC video creation.

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Brands and businesses always want more UGC, meaning that they’ll sometimes engage folks from the outside to help them improve their process. This can be done in numerous ways, whether it be by consulting the brand, tweaking or creating UGC pages, or by working on creating UGC videos directly.

Depending on the task, you may need people with different proficiencies, follow a particular lifestyle, or even people who have pets of babies.

The people you’ll need to hire really depend on what your client needs.

Most UGC video creation gigs are paid per post, meaning that if you do a good job, you’ll likely be getting more work. In terms of profit, the average cost of UGC jobs is around $150-250 (per post); you can hire a couple of pros to collect and create UGC clips for around $100, meaning that you’ll get at least $50 for each post.

15. Website Creation

Websites are digital assets of a business, and in today’s age, they play a role more important than ever. Most people discover new brands and businesses online, and in turn, most businesses want a catchy website that their customers or clients will keep returning to.

Huge amounts of cash can be made by drop servicing website creation gigs, but with that also comes significantly higher responsibility in finding competent people that can do a good job for you.

Numerous factors affect how profitable this gig can be. The ceiling is, as always, your employer’s budget. The cost of building a website is usually tied to the number of pages it should feature; the smallest websites can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $10,000 while larger websites can cost beyond $50,000.

Depending on what your client aims to achieve will determine what type of website builder you should use. If they want to sell products, build them a Shopify store. If they want to run a blog, build them a WordPress site. If they need something more custom, then you may need to find a programmer and create something from scratch.

16. Data Entry

As digital transformation envelops the world, more and more businesses are slowly digitizing their data, meaning that millions of family firms, SMEs, and large corporations are searching for people to transcribe, convert, input, and update their data.

Data entry is one of the best drop servicing opportunities as it can generate a stream of passive income purely based on job availability and simplicity.

Of course, more complex data entry tasks exist and they may not necessarily pay better; companies that want to delegate a data entry job usually have a fixed budget and an array of seemingly unconnected tasks that need to be taken care of.

Updating Excel sheets is a schoolbook example of a data entry gig. On Upwork, beginners can be hired for as little as $6 per hour while experts ask for a whopping $225.

Data input, conversion, and transcription are three other popular types of data entry gigs that you can outsource to nearly anyone.

17. Programming

Whichever job in this department you aim to drop service, you’re likely to score good money, so let’s start with the basics.

The types of programming gigs are numerous and revolve around developing (pages, websites, apps, tools, or entire platforms), fixing (bugs, errors, pages, and websites), and supporting (consulting the client about certain topics).

One of the reasons why this is one of the best drop servicing ideas is because the market is enormous. You can find competent programmers anywhere at a decent price.

The caveat with this drop servicing idea though is that it’s probably a good idea for you to have at least some programming experience yourself. If you’re just passing along whatever your freelancer programmed for a client without being able to review it for errors than you likely won’t build a good relationship with your clients.

Even if you have a programmer friend who is able to review your freelancer’s code every now and then is a good idea.

Heck, you could even offer code review services to clients for code that previous employees or freelancers wrote for them!

18. Infographic Creation

Whenever I’m exploring something new, I search for infographics to give me a rough idea about the topic. Whether it’s quick stats, precise numbers, or a detailed comparison of closely tied alternatives, infographics matter to casual internet users, businesses, and everyone in between.

To tell you the truth, anyone can make a basic infographic. You can pull most of the info from Wikipedia and create the graphics in Paint. That won’t fly in most cases, though, as infographics are supposed to look appealing, clean, and be as accurate as possible.

That leads me to the next important point – building your infographic creation team. Since infographic creation is a delicate process and tiny details matter, it’s usually better to hire both a graphic designer and a content writer.

You can also hire a solo freelancer with content writing experience to save extra money since numerous free infographic design tools exist.

For instance, I’ve used Miro’s free infographic template on several occasions; it’s both easy to use and quite beautiful. Canva also offers an amazing free tool for infographics creation, not to mention that Canva Pro is among the best infographic designers out there.

19. User Testing

User testing is critical for many businesses. It enables the manufacturer/service provider to see how real-life users would interact with the product before launching it to the market.

When searching for people you’d potentially outsource your user testing project to, it may be worthwhile to look for candidates proficient in popular UT tools, such as:

  • Maze
  • LookBack
  • Userfeel
  • Hotjar

Numerous kinds of user testing jobs exist; it’s essential to make a distinction between moderated, remote, and explorative user testing, as well as their opposites (unmoderated, in-person, and comparative). When drop servicing user testing, it’s typically a lot easier to outsource unmoderated, remote, comparative user testing gigs than anything else, since there’s less room for error.

How to Scale Your Drop Servicing Business?

Flexibility is the key to scaling your drop-servicing business. Additionally, having the ability to gauge potential long-term partners and not get swamped by clients that are difficult to work with will help you tremendously.

Even though you can make excellent money by focusing on a single niche, you don’t need to limit yourself to social media, website building, coding, or anything else; after all, you can hire anyone for any task at any point.

To properly scale your drop-servicing business you need to be constantly on the hunt for new clients and new talent. A few ideas to bring in new clients include:

  • Start running paid ads for your services
  • Offer referral bonuses to existing clients who successfully refer you to someone else
  • Implementing an SEO strategy

On the talent end of things, whether you want to scale vertically or horizontally I’d recommend the following:

  • Asking your current freelancers if they know of anyone who can do a similar job as they can
  • Offering a more competitive salary for better talent
  • Using different freelance platforms to have access to a greater pool of workers

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the best drop servicing ideas are the ones that can consistently bring you good money without causing you headaches.

Managing client and freelancer relationships can be difficult, especially in niches you aren’t too familiar with, so I recommend starting at the home field – if you’re a skilled writer, programmer, or graphic designer, it’s easier to understand what the task is and who can do it properly if you have any experience with the topic.

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