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Best AI Voice Generator – 9 Tools to Create Life-Like Voices

best ai voice generator

Written by Cody

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Some people are gifted with a beautiful “radio” voice. Just think of how Morgan Freeman’s ability to mesmerize people with a few words, regardless of the context. Some people aren’t.

Regardless of whether you need a speaker for your business videos or social media clips, you’ll probably burn through your wallet if you hired a voice professional every time you created a minute of content.

That’s why I want to introduce you to some of the best AI voice generators available on the current market.

What Are the Best AI Voice Generator Tools?

If you don’t want to hire a voice actor or voiceover something yourself you can always use an AI voice generator to get the job done quickly and easily. Here is my list of the top 9 voice-generating tools.

1. Murf


Murf is a premium AI voice generator and text-to-speech tool that presents users with innumerable unique voices to choose from. With it, users can seamlessly shift between different voices, record or transcribe text to speech in 20 languages, and more.

Its text to speech (TTS) is fully customizable, allowing users to adjust several parameters and create authentic, believable voices with minimal effort. Murf’s text-to-speech supports customization features, such as pitch and pause, but even pronunciation can be adjusted with a built-in slider. With hundreds of pre-built voice models, users can create their own by tweaking these settings.

Moreover, Murf supports the Voice Cloning feature. Users receive exclusive access to Murf’s voice clone, which can only be used after passing the 2-factor authentication check.

Another exciting feature is the Voice Over Video. All voices available in the app can be used to dub video clips with both music and AI-generated speech. The built-in video maker allows for simple uploads and soft edits, but more importantly, it’s remarkably easy to use.

Some of Murf’s features can be used from any browser, as this platform supports a simple add-on compatible with Google Slides. The last feature I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention is the background noise filter.

Key Features

  • Offers over 120 unique voices in 20 languages
  • Unlimited voice generation and transcription time (with the Enterprise package)
  • Recorded voice editing
  • Premium text-to-speech
  • Video and audio dubs
  • Voice changer
  • Ambient noise reduction filter
  • Unlimited downloads


Murf’s AI voice generation tools come at three pricing options, including Basic at $13 per month; Pro at $26 per month, and Enterprise at $167 per month. A free version is also available with limited features.

What I Like / Dislike About Murf

You may not be able to use all of Murf’s features with the free version, but you can certainly try over a hundred natural sounding voices and create up to 10 minutes of transcriptions or generated voices. I liked its affordability even more; the Pro package is barely $300 a year, and you can leverage Murf’s strongest features and propel your business upwards.

There are no major drawbacks to Murf; you can keep using the free version indefinitely, and I daresay it does a massive bang for the buck.

I didn’t like the Basic package too much; even though it’s dirt-cheap, I’m under the impression that most people can afford the Pro package and not be stifled by voice generation time-related restrictions (and virtually halved support for unique voices and languages).

Who Is This For?

Murf is perfect for virtually everyone. An inquisitive teen wanting to learn more about AI voice generation can use it for free; influencers and entrepreneurs can drastically boost their businesses with the Pro plan while enterprises and larger companies can reap a range of unique advantages with the Enterprise plan without paying a fortune.

2. Replica


Replica is a studio designed to provide game developers with an edge over their competition. The company is actively collaborating with a number of professional voice actors, which help model the AI’s voice database and refine existing voices even further. It’s easily one of the best AI voice generator solutions on the current market, albeit one of the priciest ones as well.

This studio leverages a sophisticated algorithm that allows its artificial intelligence to copy and “replicate” real human voices, hence the name. Replica’s AI essentially doubles as an actual voice actor with an authentically human element in it; if you’ve outsourced robotic voice programs so far, you will certainly notice a huge difference in the quality, depth, and breadth of Replica’s capabilities.

Its text-to-speech functions are nearly unparalleled. Users can adjust the volume, rate, pitch, and style of AI-generated voice while using this feature with a click of a button, as well as capture as many takes as necessary.

Furthermore, the company has announced that Replica will receive several brand-new features quite soon (Speech controls and Collaboration features).

Key Features

  • Hundreds of human like voices modeled by professional voice actors
  • Customizable text-to-speech settings
  • Script creation
  • Prototyping


Replica’s features require credits to be used; the price of credit bundles is different for each pricing plan, including Creatives at $24 for 4 hours of credit; Business at $300 for 100 hours of credit. The cost of the Enterprise credit bundle will be available after contacting Replica’s sales department.

What I Like / Dislike About Replica

Quality-wise, Replica is one of the best AI voice generators out there, period. All of its features are practically indiscernible from human voices. I absolutely loved its text-to-speech functions, which are both simple and remarkably versatile.

The only downside of Replica lies in its pricing. Basically, 4 hours of recording cost $24 while a standard recording session typically lasts 8 hours. I assume that businesses on a tight budget would be more productive if their creative teams wouldn’t have to worry about running out of credits every time they want to record.

Who Is This For?

Replica’s AI text to speech generator is the ultimate solution for game developers. It’s just as great for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals, although only game devs would really benefit from Replica’s integrations with iClone, Roblox, Metahuman Creator, Unity, and the famed Unreal Engine.

3. Synthesys

Overview is a comprehensive platform comprised of AI-powered audio, video, and avatars. In other words, the company developed a solution to provide individuals and businesses with the means to generate authentic photos, sounds, and video clips on one platform. These features are separate and accessible through different pricing packages.

As an AI voice generator, Synthesis relies on cutting-edge text-to-speech technology to create dozens of unique voices. One of the best things about Synthesis’s TTS tools is that they are remarkably simple to use.

The AI avatars and video features are blended into one, allowing users to create a virtual “face” to represent their business, create or upload a custom script, and generate a video in a matter of minutes. Music and AI voices can be added to video clips as well.

Key Features

  • Dozens of unique voice models
  • Upload or create custom scripts
  • Selectable and customizable AI avatars
  • Streamlined video maker
  • Unlimited video and voice-overs
  • Support for 66 languages
  • Web-based interface

Pricing offers three pricing packages, including Human Studio Synthesis at $39 per month; Audio Synthesis at $29 per month, and Audio and Human Studio Synthesis at $59 per month.

What I Like / Dislike About Synthesys

I love the fact that you can pick which tools you want to use instead of (over)paying for the entire suite with varying features. Second of all, not many AI voice generators can boast about supporting more than 30 languages, let alone 66.

The web-based interface is also a huge plus, as you won’t have to spend a single hour integrating these apps into your workflow.

It’s a shame that businesses that plan to use Synthesis for commercial purposes actually do need both suites, in which case it is quite a bit expensive.

Who Is This For?

Prominent content creators and influencers, as well as businesses of all sizes, can greatly benefit from using Synthesis. Although it is a pricey suite of apps, Synthesis can help you elevate your marketing strategies and implement new additions within days.

4. Speechelo


Speechelo’s platform is unique in several ways. It’s among the handful of text-to-speech programs that humanize the result with inflections and, unlike most apps on this list, it’s a purchasable software rather than a SaaS TTS.

Although it may not be as versatile as Murf or Synthesis, Speechelo is among the best AI Voice Generators because of its remarkably believable voices. Both male and female variants are included in a database comprised of over 30 unique voice models.

Speechelo’s AI text generator can read any text in a normal, joyful, or serious tone, further reinforcing the notion that an actual human being is reading the text.

What’s more, Speechelo can be used with nearly all popular video creation programs, such as Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, DaVinci Resolve, PowerPoint, Toonly, Powtoon, or Animoto.

Key Features

  • Over 30 authentic voices (both male and female variants)
  • Three reading modes
  • Famed for adding inflections to voices
  • Supports over 24 languages
  • Compatible with the majority of popular video creation programs


Speechelo is a purchasable text-to-speech app that costs $97. The program is currently on a Founders Special sale, costing $47 for a limited time.

What I Like / Dislike About Speechelo

Speechelo is basic enough that a minimally tech-savvy person could efficiently use it, yet powerful enough to create videos with authentic human voices. More than 30 voices comprise its database, which can be set to three unique tones. What I liked the most is that Speechelo’s AI can accurately predict where to add inflections to humanize the result even more.

Another big plus is the one-time purchase pricing model. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars each year, you can purchase Speechelo and use it indefinitely.

I wouldn’t say this is a con given that Speechelo was never advertised as a platform, but the fact that it’s a text-to-speech software exclusively can mean that you’ll need to find other solutions for video creation.

Who Is This For?

Speechelo is great for everyone. It’s cheap and doesn’t require any monthly or yearly fees, which means that buying it could be likened to upgrading your arsenal of AI-powered voices. When it comes to text-to-speech functionalities, it is arguably among the best AI voice generators.



Just like Murf, is a text-to-speech & AI voice generator combo app. It features a built-in AI-powered text-to-audio online editor, a comprehensive library of IPA phonetics and pronunciations, and a variety of widgets.

What separates from contemporary AI voice generator programs is the fact that it supports over 130 languages, including different variations of Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, English, Dutch, and Arabic.

Key Features

  • Over a hundred unique voices and accents
  • IPA phonetics and pronunciation library
  • Online AI text-to-audio editor
  • Bulk audio creation
  • Automated audio creation
  • White-labeled audio players
  • Podcast hosting
  • Allows conversion of blog posts into audio content

Pricing offers four subscription packages, including Personal at $14.25 per month; Professional at $29.25 per month; Growth at $74.25 per month, and Business at $149.25 per month.

What I Like / Dislike About’s text-to-voice editor is remarkably customizable, but the fact that it supports over 130 languages takes the cake. Furthermore, you can even select the accent and type of pronunciation.

Sadly, can be used indefinitely. Each pricing option features a limit on word count, after which many functions will no longer work. This limit is scarier for cheaper options (240,000 to 600,000 words), as the Growth and Business packages feature wordcount limitations measured in millions of words.

Who Is This For?

The streamlined features and flexible pricing options ensure is pretty great for businesses of all sizes.

6. Clipchamp


ClipChamp is a highly versatile platform that encompasses screen recording, text-to-speech, and video creation features. Its AI voice generator tool is a part of a much bigger suite of advanced apps, but more importantly, this specific feature is free to use.

This app offers 170 distinctive voices, including both male and female voices. Furthermore, ClipChamp supports 70 languages. Simple editing tools are included on the platform while the AI TTS is fairly simple – even the least tech-savvy people would be able to efficiently use it. The company’s blog offers an abundance of informative material, including easy-to-follow instructional videos and explainers.

The highlight feature of ClipChamp’s platform is the comprehensive video editor. Unlike the AI text generator, the audio stock and branding tools (custom colors, fonts, and logos) are premium features.

Key Features

  • Offers 170 distinctive voices
  • Supports 70 languages with different accents
  • Streamlined TTS speed controls
  • Video text and titles
  • Brand Kit with custom colors, fonts, and signatures
  • Content backup


Clipchamp offers three subscription options, including Creator at $9 per month; Business at $19 per month, and Business Platinum at $39 per month. A free version is also available, supporting unlimited video exports in full HD.

What I Like / Dislike About Clipchamp

Clipchamp’s premium pricing plans are outstandingly versatile while its cheapest option is quite formidable for aspiring entrepreneurs. The unlimited stock for audio, video, and image files combined with the unique Brand Kit feature makes it an excellent long-term solution for businesses of all sizes.

Furthermore, all plans feature content backup, screen recording, and full HD audio exports, which is not commonplace for affordable AI voice generators.

This may not be a deal-breaker, but it is a shame that premium video templates are only available with the Business Platinum (most expensive) subscription.

Who Is This For?

Clipchamp is ideal for businesses of all sizes. Versatile and affordable, it is an excellent choice for companies that are frequently launching promo videos and need a well-rounded voice generator to make new releases fresh.

7. Lovo


Lovo is a highly versatile AI voiceover and TTS tool that is renowned for having one of the most comprehensive databases of AI-generated voices on the current market.

Over 80,000 creators across 41 countries have contributed their voices to Lovo’s platform, which resulted in well above 7 million distinct voiceovers. Furthermore, the platform features more than 180 AI-powered voice skins.

Lovo is widely praised for its innovative custom voice cloning capabilities. The company boasts that this functionality can craft a unique voice skin within the span of 15 minutes.

With the Lovo Studio, you can also add background music, unless you are using the Free version. You will also benefit from commercial rights to any content you create with Lovo Studio and will be eligible for YouTube monetization.

Key Features

  • Over 180 unique voice skins
  • Premium voice cloning technology
  • Over 7 million pre-made voiceovers
  • Supports 33 languages
  • YouTube monetization and commercial rights
  • Add background music to your videos


Lovo offers two pricing plans, including Personal at $24.99 per month, and Freelancer at $74.99 per month. A free plan is also available for personal use only.

What I Like / Dislike About Lovo

YouTube monetization and commercial rights to videos created with the Lovo studio are two great benefits to social media content creators. On the business side of things, the sheer number of unique voices and the voice cloning features are great, regardless of what size your business is.

As for the downsides, Lovo is among the pricier AI voice generator tools on the market, especially for individuals and emerging entrepreneurs.

Who Is This For?

I recommend Lovo to SMBs mainly. It’s a great long-term solution that offers more than a few unique solutions, plus it offers huge value for the money, even though it is a bit expensive.

8. Deepsync


Deepsync is a streamlined video-creation studio that features an AI voice generator as its main feature.

It offers robust video editing features and allows you to automate voice record tasks with its quality AI tech. What separates it from the bulk of its alternatives is its ability to generate high-quality voiceovers in a matter of minutes.

Key Features

  • Automatic AI voiceover content generation
  • Mix & match sounds, effects, and tracks
  • Configurable playback speeds
  • Over 10 channel integrations
  • Instantly share clips to Apple Podcasts, Instagram, SoundCloud, or Facebook


Deepsync offers two subscription options, including Creator at $79 per month, and Teams at $299 per month. A custom Enterprise plan can be obtained by contacting Deepsync’s sales department.

What I Like / Dislike About Deepsync

Rapid video creation for bulk clips is one of the best things about Deepsync. You can also upload custom voices if you are outsourcing any other third-party AI voice generators to this platform.

Deepsync is one of the most expensive AI voice generators on this list, but it is well worth the price.

Who Is This For?

I would recommend Deepsync to medium-sized businesses and enterprises, as well as professional journalist agencies, social media marketing teams, and businesses that need to produce numerous videos daily.


Overview is an advanced AI voice generator that offers numerous integrations, APIs, AI voice editing features, and one of the best voice cloning functions available.

Regarding the latter, excels at replicating established AI assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. Integrating custom voices from other apps onto its platform is super-easy while its selection of AI voices is formidable.

One of the most unique features of is the Resemble Fill, which allows you to “fill in the blanks” of pre-built sentences and leverage its realistic voices to create attractive ads or SAIs.

Key Features

  • Premium voice cloning feature
  • Numerous APIs and integrations
  • Resemble Fill
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices

Pricing is available at three pricing options. The Entry plan costs $30 per month while Build and Enterprise plans are custom and can be created by contacting Resemble’s sales representative.

What I Like / Dislike About

Resemble Fill, its outstanding ability to replicate popular voice assistants, and dozens of integrations make one of the best AI voice generators on the market.

Some of its most exciting features, such as compatibility with non-English languages, mobile devices, and streaming APIs are exclusive to the most expensive “Enterprise” plan, though.

Who Is This For? is best suited for companies that don’t mind paying top dollar for top quality. Whether you are leading a big corporation or working in a small photography business, this is a comprehensive program that could elevate your firm if used properly.

Wrap Up

If you’re on the market for the best AI voice generator, any of the nine I’ve listed could fit the bill. Searching for an affordable text to speech generator? You’ll be more than satisfied with Murf. If quality is what you’re after, Replica, and Resemble may be perfect choices.

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