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9 Best Video Testimonial Software to Collect Feedback (2022)

Written by Cody

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

You’ve worked hard on your website, product, or service and you’re ready to start getting some testimonials from happy customers.

However, producing high-quality video testimonials is a lot harder than it looks. It can take hours to find the right people, set up the shoot, and then edit the footage into a compelling story.

That’s where video testimonial software comes in. These tools make it easy to add video testimonials to your website, collect video testimonials and customer feedback from people who have used your product or service, and lastly, boost your conversion rates.

What Are the Best Video Testimonial Software Solutions?

There are tons of video testimonial software solutions on the market and figuring out which one is best for you can be difficult. That’s why I’ve narrowed down the list to feature only the best.

1. Boast

Overview is a feature-packed video testimonial software. It’s a well-rounded platform that supports up to 6,000 yearly responses, testimonial videos that can last up to 15 minutes, streamlined video editing features, dedicated landing pages & forms, as well as sequence enrollments, and numerous other functions.

You can leverage’s features into creating short 5-minute responses, or detailed reviews in 4K that can last up to 15 minutes.

Boast also features forms that can be used to collect feedback from your customers or clients, as well as custom landing pages that will take your clientele to a website hosted by Boast.

One of the most powerful features of Boast is the feedback management function. You can essentially delegate feedback acquisition and processing parts to your colleagues or employees with Boast’s streamlined feedback management.

Aside from providing simple video testimonial solutions, Boast can also be used to grab reviews from Google, Facebook, and other supported websites.

Key Features

  • Supports videos up to 4K quality
  • Between 600 and 6,000 responses yearly
  • Video testimonials can last up to 15 minutes
  • Trim, cut, and reorder video editing tools
  • Landing pages and forms
  • Up to 60,000 sequence enrollments
  • Collects reviews from Google, Facebook, and other third-party platforms


Boast offers three pricing plans, including Basic at $50 per month; Team at $100 per month, and Premium at $208 per month. All plans are billed annually.

What I Like / Dislike About Boast

Boast is a remarkably versatile tool. I love the fact that it can be used to get authentic video feedback from your customers, automate review acquisition from various third-party platforms, and generate premium quality videos.

I also believe that the Team subscription package offers massive value, as it supports video lengths of up to 10 minutes at 1080p HD quality. In comparison to the Basic package, it also provides advanced form fields, four times as many forms, and three times as many annual sequence enrollments.

My main issue with Boast is the Basic package. It is available at half the price of the Team subscription, but it feels more like a trial version, only you still have to pay for it. Five-minute clips in 720p, the bare minimum of forms, sequences, and sequence enrollments, in my opinion, aren’t exemplary.

Who Is This For?

Boast ensured that brands of all sizes can use its testimonial software. If you’re on the market for a tool that can help you get feedback and use its insights to create proper customer testimonials, Boast’s got you covered.

2. Testimonial

Overview is a premium video testimonial software, offering features that can help your business create text or video-based testimonials, upload them to special pages, and embed selected ones on your company’s website.

Arguably the strongest feature of is the “Wall of Love”. This is a special page that you can use to paste your text or video testimonials; what’s more, you will be able to embed it onto your website with a click of a button. also offers “spaces”. These are essentially landing pages with unique links, where customers can quickly and easily submit their testimonials. With the Agency package, you can get unlimited “spaces”; the first five are free while all additional ones cost an extra $50 per month.

Additionally, allows you to change the existing domains of your space pages with custom ones, and even change the color theme of your product pages.

Just like Boast, offers a function that allows you to segregate testimonial video-creating tasks across up to 10 account-level staff seats.

Key Features

  • Up to 5 free “spaces”; additional ones cost an extra $50
  • Unlimited text testimonials and video testimonials for up to 5 minutes
  • “Wall of Love” embeddable testimonial pages
  • Video analytics
  • Up to 10 staff seats
  • Zapier and Integromat integrations

Pricing offers three subscription plans, including Premium at $50 per month; Ultimate at $150 per month, and Agency at $300 per month. A free version is also available with limited features.

What I Like / Dislike About Testimonial

The thing I love about the most is the embeddable Wall of Love. It offers the simplest way for everyone to see what your customers had to say about your products or services, and it’s remarkably easy to use.

Custom domains and theme colors are also a massive plus while unique domains for all of your space pages are really game-changing features.

If you’re using either free or the cheapest (Premium) version of, most (if not all) of your video testimonials will feature ads. Ultimate and Agency subscriptions do not feature ads in any videos.

Who Is This For? is great for all businesses that are searching for comprehensive video testimonial software. If you’ve just started building your arsenal of testimonial-related tools, this program has everything you need in one place.

3. StoryPrompt


StoryPrompt is an advanced digital marketing platform that offers innovative video testimonial solutions. One of its key features lies in the “prompts’. As the brand describes them, these are “thought-provoking questions” that are sent to users to inspire them to create creative stories, titles, and photo/video descriptions.

The process of generating video testimonials with StoryPrompt is completely streamlined. After your business sends the StoryPrompt link to a client/customer, all they have to do is click on it and use the provided tools to create a testimonial clip.

Key Features

  • Unlimited “prompts” sent weekly to users by the company
  • Unlimited video responses, workspaces, and produced stories with the Storyteller subscription
  • The ability to add your logo and branding to each video
  • Embeddable video testimonials
  • Video insights
  • Up to 5 staff seats


StoryPrompt offers two pricing options, including Brand Builder at $39 per month, and Storyteller at $139 per month. A free version is also available, although all testimonial videos will feature a StoryPrompt watermark.

What I Like / Dislike About StoryPrompt

What makes StoryPrompt one of the best testimonial video software solutions is the fact that your customers and clients don’t need to install any apps. After clicking on the StoryPrompt link you’ve sent them, customers will have all the tools they need to record a testimonial video, wherever they may be.

Additionally, StoryPrompt’s free version is arguably one of the greatest freeware on the market. You can benefit from unlimited prompts, up to 25 video responses, and 10 stories per month, as well as automatic video editing by using it.

Although the average limit of staff seats for testimonial video apps is five, many companies offer an option to purchase additional ones, but StoryPrompt does not.

Who Is This For?

StoryPrompt is for forward-thinking companies that want to improve the creative side of their businesses. From testimonial video creation to using its other functions to improve your company’s brand awareness and presence, it’s an excellent, albeit a bit expensive tool.

4. VocalVideo


VocalVideo is one of the best video testimonial software apps that offers an almost completely automated system for generating customer/client testimonials remotely.

This program is exceptionally easy to use and is beginner-friendly. Simply send a link to your customers and they will be taken to a video-recording screen if they follow it. VocalVideo is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices and doesn’t require separate apps or programs to work on your customers’ computers or laptops.

What sets VocalVideo apart from many online video testimonial-creation apps is a comprehensive library of custom video collector templates. You can personalize your testimonial requests with any video or text you choose, but you can also pick one of the 46 templates to persuade your clients into providing you with a testimonial clip.

Key Features

  • Unlimited video publishing in HD quality
  • Embeddable and downloadable testimonial clips
  • Supports up to 5 seats (excluding Enterprise subscription, which offers custom user count)
  • Free video storage
  • Ad-free hosting across all subscription plans, including the free version
  • Branding tools (white-labeling, implementable logos, color themes, and more)


Vocal offers two pricing options, including Team at $99 per month, and Pro at $299 per month. All subscriptions are billed annually. A free version is also available with minimally restricted features, although you can publish up to three videos with it.

What I Like / Dislike About VocalVideo

One of the best things about the VocalVideo app is how streamlined its features are. Simply create a video request, send the VocalVideo link to your customers, and you’re set to go. This tool also offers a highly versatile branding kit, which allows you to thoroughly personalize each testimonial video.

While I love the free VocalVideo’s versatility, it has ads, all videos are watermarked, and you can only post up to three testimonial clips with it. The main drawback of this app, though, is that its roof limit in terms of video quality is HD.

Who Is This For?

VocalVideo is best suited for brand owners that may be shy to interact with their customers personally. The app is simple to use, and you can leverage its template greetings to persuade your clients into providing you with testimonial videos.

5. Vouch


I would describe Vouch as the best video testimonial freeware that has a premium version with vastly improved features instead of the other way around.

You can send unlimited vouch video requests, store as many videos as you want in your collection, transcribe or subtitle your clips, and leverage Vouch’s video editing tools with its free version.

Should you wish to upgrade, you would benefit from using custom website embeds and subdomains, implementing unique call-to-action texts, and gaining access to Vouch’s branding toolset.

The free version integrates with Slack and Zapier while the Pro version integrates with Hubspot, Intercom, Jira, Microsoft Teams, Confluence, Highspot, and more.

Key Features

  • Unlimited team access
  • Unlimited video collection and testimonial requests
  • Custom branding toolset, subdomains, call-to-action texts, and website embeds
  • Simple video editing and trimming tools
  • Supports up to 1080p videos


Subscription to Vouch’s software costs $99 per month when billed monthly, or $79 per month when billed yearly. A free version is available with minimally restricted features.

What I Like / Dislike About Vouch

Most testimonial video programs support up to 5 user seats at their highest subscriptions while Vouch offers the same for free. Some would charge you $50 per seat above the limit (Boast), while Vouch’s Pro version offers unlimited team access.

This platform imposes no limits on how you want to use your videos. You can gather, review, and upload an unlimited amount of testimonial clips, edit your videos with Vouch’s built-in features, and use the branding kit to change header and background colors, add your logo, and tweak button styles. The only drawback is that it doesn’t support 4K videos.

Who Is This For?

Vouch is perfect for everyone, especially larger teams tasked with testimonial video creation. It’s also the ultimate video testimonial freeware on the market, offering the most powerful and versatile tools.

6. VideoAsk


Typeform’s VideoAsk is among the most versatile marketing tools that can be used for communication with potential employees, your audience, or your customers.

Whether you want to comment on user reviews, answer Q&As, embed testimonials on your website, get in touch with talents to augment your workforce, or personally interact with your employees, VideoAsk can do it all.

The key feature of the VideoAsk tool is a suite of automated functions that transcribe, record and organize each video you make with it. All clips created with VideoAsk are embeddable and shareable with a click of a button.

Key Features

  • Embed widget
  • Custom flows
  • Conversion tracking
  • Website embedding
  • Audio transcription
  • Response inbox


VideoAsk offers two pricing options, including Grow at $24 per month and Brand at $40 per month, both of which are billed yearly. A free version is also available with the majority of features being VideoAsk-branded.

What I Like / Dislike About Video Ask

VideoAsk is not a typical video testimonial software. It can be used to request video reviews & testimonials, embed them on your website, or share them on third-party platforms. It’s an instant-communication tool that you can use to acquire and immediately respond to any feedback, empower your staff, address your clientele/audience, and much more.

As a video testimonial app, it’s not as streamlined as Vouch, Boast, or, which can take your customers to a dedicated testimonial-creation page. VideoAsk’s process simply has a few more steps to it.

Who Is This For?

If VocalVideo is perfect for shy business owners, VocalAsk is absolutely the best video testimonial software for charismatic leaders. If you’re searching for an app that can bring your voice and image to your employees, audiences, and customers, look no further than VideoAsk.

7. Camily


Camily is a video automation platform designed to empower its users with powerful tools that can be leveraged to acquire and edit video testimonials remotely.

Its highlight feature is the MagicLink, which your customers can use to land on a testimonial creation page in, according to the company, under two minutes.

Camily supports up to 1080p HD videos. You can review and edit all testimonial clips that your customers send you by shifting the orientation, color themes, video position, trimming the content, and more.

Key Features

  • Unlimited video testimonial generation
  • Supports up to 1080p HD videos
  • Comprehensive video editing tools
  • All clips are video transcribed
  • Customizable color themes


Camily is a free-to-use video testimonial software. Users that want to benefit from its advanced features can upgrade after making a free account.

What I Like / Dislike About Camily

After using Vouch, I assumed that it was the ultimate video testimonial freeware. In terms of performance, Vouch may be superior to Camily, but the latter is much easier to use. Another big difference is that Camily is completely free.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the quality roof limit for 1080p videos is a big drawback, as many relatively-cheap testimonial programs exist that offer 4k clips.

Who Is This For?

Camily is an excellent choice for companies that would rather start with a free-to-use video testimonial app than pay for cheap ones. This tool is decently powerful and versatile, although it pales in comparison to Boast,, Vouch, and VideoAsk.

8. Visme


Visme is a designer workstation that can be used to create presentations, infographics, social media mockups, custom documents, and videos. The latter is its most important feature suite for companies and brands searching for video testimonial solutions.

Visme is a part-video maker, which boasts dozens of video templates and a host of unique accessories that can be used to customize them, such as custom shapes, avatars, icons, illustrations, and more.

Text, titles, and subtitles can be added to videos and leveraged to create testimonial video requests. The other part of this tool lies in video editing. After your customers submit their testimonial clips, you can make them look more appealing.

A range of royalty-free stock vides and animated assets is available in Visme’s library, all of which you can use to enrich existing testimonials or submit simpler testimonial requests if you don’t have a team dedicated to video editing.

All of Visme’s video editing features can be accessed on a drag & drop interface, making them perfectly suited for even the least tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

Key Features

  • Dozens of interactive assets
  • Custom animations
  • Drag & Drop video editing interface
  • Suitable for the creation of infographics, presentations, printable content, charts, and videos
  • Branding kit


Visme offers two subscription packages, including Personal at $29 per month, and Business at $59 per month. The Enterprise subscription offers vastly improved features and comes at a custom price; contact the company’s sales department, and after creating a custom plan, they will tell you the price. A free version is also available with vastly limited features.

What I Like / Dislike About Visme

Visme is one of the simplest tools for video editing/creating, but what I love even more about it is its eclectic library full of uniquely animated assets. Whether you want to create enticing testimonial proposals or spice existing testimonials up, Visme is a good choice.

It is not a dedicated video testimonial software, meaning that you won’t be able to publish, embed, and share your testimonial clips as easily and quickly.

Who Is This For?

Visme is perfect for companies that are outsourcing basic data hosting tools. With the embedding and file-sharing tasks covered, you can use Visme to create gorgeous videos for your testimonials.

9. VideoPeel


VideoPeel is a comprehensive platform designed to give you full control over UGC (user-generated content). It also offers an array of testimonial-related features, such as a streamlined request system, configurable UGC permissions, and various content management tools, all on a single dashboard.

With VideoPeel, you can collect testimonial clips, acquire media from testimonial submitters, and brand testimonial-related content within minutes.

Key Features

  • Collect, review, and brand user-generated content
  • Create customizable “Thank You” spaces
  • Send testimonial requests via social media platforms, QR codes, SMS, or email
  • Customizable UGC permissions
  • Automated transcriptions


VideoPeel offers two subscription options, including Pro at $49 and Premium at $249 per month. Both subscriptions are billed annually. A Custom subscription option for Enterprises is also available by contacting VideoPeel’s sales department.

What I Like / Dislike About VideoPeel

I love how easy VideoPeel is to use, and that you can manage access-related permissions to all content that comes to the platform (whether it’s UGC or your own).

The only thing I didn’t like as much is that the Premium subscription is quite expensive while the Pro subscription feels like a free version, minus the fact that it isn’t free. Its features are quite constrained, and not all of them are geared toward improving or publishing testimonials.

Who Is This For?

VideoPeel is great for brands with a strong focus on social media marketing. This tool is both a digital marketing wonder and video testimonial software, so I warmly recommend it to social media entrepreneurs and influencer-led companies.

Wrapping Up

To ensure the testimonials and reviews you’ve gathered can play an important part in your campaigns, you’ll need a tool that can accurately and quickly collect them. The best video testimonial software apps, however, are far more versatile.

With some of the finest testimonial-related tools, you can instantly embed testimonials on dedicated pages; edit them in bulk, share them on various social media platforms, and leverage them to efficiently divide tasks among your employees.

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