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13 Best Workflow Automation Software Platforms In 2022

Written by Cody

Updated: May 4, 2022

If you’re like most business owners, you’re always looking for ways to save time and streamline your workflow. That’s where workflow automation software comes in. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at three of the best workflow automation software platforms available today. We’ll also discuss some of the features offered by each platform and how they can help improve your productivity. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Best Workflow Automation Software Platforms

Here is my list of the 13 best workflow automation software platforms in 2022.

1. Pipefy


Pipefy is a request management platform designed for business and IT collaboration. You can take all your team members on board, where they make requests, and you fulfill them as a host team.

With several automated tools for Finance, CRM, Procurement, Recruitment, and HR management, Pipefy is an allrounder that can help automate workflows for any type of business.

Create your workflows with low-code development or use from a wide range of templates. Pipefy gives you several options to manage, execute, and report requests for your team members and partners.


  • Automation tools allow you to seat your conditions, enhance process efficiency, and save time.
  • Variety of portal designs, fully customizable to allow making an intuitive interface for your team
  • Seamless integration with top software and cloud platforms like Google Drive, Slack, Salesforce, NetSuite, and many others
  • Email templates and automated messages to inform the concerned about their request status.
  • User permissions and admin roles provide more control to managers and request handlers.
  • Seamless data migration from any teamwork management platform and comprehensive data backup services.


The pricing options include:

  • Starter Package – Free
  • Business Package – $22/month (monthly payment) or $18/month (annual payment)
  • Enterprise Package – $36/month (monthly payment) or $30/month (annual payment)
  • Unlimited Package – Custom Pricing

2. MS Power Automate


MS Power Automate is a workflow automation software by Microsoft that allows businesses to organize workflows and processes. With several pre-built connectors, the platform helps you automate repetitive tasks and enhance your business efficiency.

With AI-based innovative tools, MS Power Automate can easily detect images and text from documents to speed your workflow.

It’s available for desktop, mobile, and web platforms, making it easily accessible for all your team members for smooth premise and remote working.


  • Digital Process automation allows you to streamline business processes and enhance productivity with cloud flows.
  • Perform repetitive tasks through Robotic Process Automation.
  • The business process automation tool lets you run seamlessly through multiple business processes while keeping your team on board.
  • Simplified work processes through intuitive interfaces that optimize according to your company’s needs.
  • Easy-to-build, extendable AI models to predict outcomes, process text, identify images and analyze customer sentiments.
  • Secure automation to prevent data breaches and information theft from unauthorized users.


MS Power Automate offers three pricing options:

  • Per User Plan – $15/month
  • Per-User Plan with attended Robotic Process Automation – $40/month
  • Per Flow Plan (Minimum 5 Flows) – $100/flow

3. Pabbly Connect


Another popular workflow automation software, Pabbly Connect allows you to connect multiple applications to help automate workflows and improve your work efficiency. Without much effort, you can integrate all your favorite applications to this platform to allocate and design workflows for your teams.

You can configure your Pabbly Connect platform to start automation in just three steps. You don’t need to be a tech geek to run Pabbly Connect with a simplistic design approach.

Several calculation tools, number extractors, and filter operations make it an excellent option for any business.


  • No charges for triggers and internal steps
  • Schedule workflows for timely execution of different tasks.
  • The email parser tool makes it simpler to extract relevant data like sender name, subject, body, and attached files.
  • Delay options let you create delays in the execution of specific tasks.
  • Easy integration options make it seamless to connect to more than 800 social and cloud platforms for your business.
  • Collaboration tools, helpdesk, web forms, and payment management tools to give you a comprehensive solution for all your business needs.


The pricing packages for Pabbly Connect include:

  • Free Plan
  • Standard Plan – $10/month
  • Pro Plan – $20/month
  • Ultimate Plan – $40/month

Discount on advance payments:

  • 12-month payment – 30% off
  • 24-month payment – 40% off
  • 36-month payment – 50% off

4. Zapier


Zapier is a handy tool that allows you to navigate among your web apps to perform tasks faster. It’s designed for managers and teams to integrate different web apps like Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, and many others.

You can design, automate, and schedule workflows from any app with a quick setup process. In addition, it’s highly convenient for non-tech people, allowing them to quickly connect their social handles and cloud applications to the platform. Also, it provides tailor-made solutions for role-based users, making it a versatile option for all businesses.


  • Automate with more than 4000 apps to handle repetitive tasks efficiently.
  • Use ready-to-deploy workflows to save time.
  • Tailored solutions for CRM and marketing
  • Job role-based automation tools for IT, HR, Engineering, Finance, and business owners.
  • Contact management tools allow you to integrate your contacts from Google Contacts and find leads through Seamless AI
  • Easy transfer of data from one app to the other
  • Integrations with AdaFruit IO, Amazon Alexa, and other top IoT applications.


The plans and their prices are:

  • Free
  • Starter – $19.99/month (annually) , $29.99/month (monthly)
  • Professional – $49/month (annually), $73.50/month (monthly)
  • Team – $299/month (annually), $448.50/month (monthly)
  • Company – $599/month (annually), $898.50/month (monthly)

5. Process Maker


Process Maker is a comprehensive workflow automation software that lets you design simpler workflows for complex business operations. It’s a handy platform that gives you drag and drop tools to design workflows using charts, data, forms, and connectors.

Thanks to an intuitive design, it’s useful for non-tech professionals and connects seamlessly with other legacy applications for data migration.

Designed for all business sizes, Process Maker has its applications in education, finance, banking, and many other business sectors.


  • Easy integration means you can approve or reject requests from your email or Slack account.
  • Customizable dashboard with comprehensive reporting and data visualization features.
  • Ready to use form builder tools to automate the approval process.
  • Continuous Business Activity Monitoring with critical information alerts
  • Integrate with UIPath, OpenRules, and Automation Easy to set up your business logic and Robotic Process Automation.
  • Numerous customization options let you build your workflows
  • Versatile options for different business niches


The pricing options include:

  • App – per user, per case billing
  • Standard – $1495/month (annual billing)
  • Enterprise – $2479/month (annual billing)
  • Custom

6. Kissflow Workflow


Kissflow Workflow is an end-to-end workflow platform that is comprehensive enough to cater to all your business needs. It has various features like ticketing systems, incident management, approval management, request tracking, etc., so there are enough tools for most types of businesses.

Kissflow Workflow is incredibly simple to use, so it doesn’t require any coding knowledge for managers or admins to initiate or design workflows. In addition, seamless integration with your business apps makes it a one-stop solution for your business needs.


  • Available in eleven languages, so it’s highly user-friendly
  • Interprocess integration keeps you from tedious API and third-party integrations
  • Highly intuitive reporting and analytics tools for comprehensive workflow visualization
  • Optimize workflow processes to maintain a smooth process
  • Visual process design with an easy to use dashboard
  • Dynamic business rules help you with flexible decision making and making instant changes to workflows.
  • Data access from multiple devices for faster operations
  • Work with different types of files and media without needing to write any code.


Pricing packages include:

  • Basic – $10/user/month
  • Advanced – $9.9/user/month
  • Fully Loaded – $19/user/month
  • Enterprise – Custom package

7. Flokzu


Flokzu is a cloud-based business optimization platform that can automate your business workflows. You can automate and design your processes within hours with an intuitive workflow design tool.

Thanks to an intuitive design toolbox, Flokzu is incredibly simple to operate, so it’s ideal for non-coders. In addition, with comprehensive dashboards and task automation tools, you can easily automate repetitive tasks and achieve more efficiency in your business operations.

Integrate your current business apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, and many others and switch from platform to platform in no time.


  • Customizable forms to generate user-friendly form fields
  • Code-free automation makes it easier for anyone to deploy and set up the platform.
  • Customizable dashboards and intuitive metrics for comprehensive reporting
  • Flexible Business Process Management platform with multiple tools
  • Ideal for various businesses such as Education, Finance, Manufacturing, Project Management, and others.
  • Use databases in Flokzu as spreadsheets to save time and valuable data.
  • Automated email notifications at different stages of your workflow to keep you updated.


Pricing plans include:

  • PoC – $47/month (annual billing)
  • Standard – $14/user/month (annual billing)
  • Premium $20/user/month (annual billing)
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing

8. Integrify


Integrify is a platform that manages your workflows, making them more efficient by automating redundant tasks. In addition, it helps in making your working hours more productive by onboarding your team members, managers, and partners.

Whether it’s a cross-departmental workflow or internal workflows for any department, Integrify lets you automate the processes in no time. As a result, it allows business teams to work on more ideas and new tasks and make their time more productive.

From streamlining processes to maintaining comprehensive reports, Integrify has various tools to offer for most business needs.


  • Automated processes mean fewer chances of human errors.
  • Enhance the resulting approval and handling processes.
  • Personalized employee request handling experience.
  • KPI tracking and reporting make it easier to understand the profitable workflow decisions.
  • Flexible tools that can be optimized according to business size and requirements.
  • Monitoring of service level agreements
  • Reduced paperwork thanks to automated request handling
  • Timely alerts for staff and team members regarding their request status
  • Intuitive request form tool for data capturing
  • Self-service process portal for users to view their request status on the platform


Integrify provides customized solutions for its customers, so this platform has no standard pricing plans. You can request a quote at the website to learn more about the pricing details.

9. Gmelius


Managing the inbox can be challenging at times, so Gmelius lets you handle your emails more efficiently within your Gmail inbox. In addition, it lets you manage multiple inboxes and turn them into shared workspaces to help generate more revenue from your emails.

Regular tasks like scheduling, email tracking, automation, and creating email templates become much more straightforward with Gmelius. With several built-in tools, you only need to deploy the right tools to get more done in less time.


  • Track emails to understand how your email marketing is performing.
  • Email notes provide real-time chatting options within your email.
  • The email scheduler lets you set sending schedules for your emails, a handy tool for marketing teams.
  • A virtual assistant to help your site visitors with their needs
  • Use the Gmail analytics tool to understand your email performance.
  • A shared inbox allows multiple team members to send and receive emails from a generic email ID.
  • Kanban boards let you turn any conversation into a task card by extracting relevant details.


Pricing plans for Gmelius include:

  • Starter – $7/user/month (annual billing), $12/user/month (monthly billing)
  • Plus – $12/user/month (annual billing), $15/user/month (monthly billing)
  • Growth – $24/user/month (annual billing), $29/user/month (monthly billing)
  • Pro – $49/user/month (annual billing), $69/user/month (monthly billing)

10. Catalytic


Catalytic gives you command over all your business operations through a single-platform solution. With its workflow automation tools, Catalytic allows you to create digital workflows for repetitive tasks, helping you to save time and effort.

You can choose from pre-built workflows or create your own. Catalytic provides a no-code building block-like solution, making it easy to configure for managers and team members.

Coordinate with multiple group members through the cloud-based solution and monitor your business operation through comprehensive governing tools.


  • Automated document assembly makes generating reports, side decks, spreadsheets, and other documents seamless.
  • Allows you to automate across multiple platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, etc.
  • Data access restrictions to ensure higher security within the organization.
  • Set workflow triggers for emails, report submissions, etc.
  • Create customized forms to receive requests and handle them through web forms.
  • Logic-based automatic task and routine assignment through drop-down menus and text fields.
  • Notifications and delivery alerts through multiple channels to keep you well informed.


Pricing plans for Catalytic include:

  • Explorer Plan – Free
  • Premium Plan – Starting from $99/month to $999/month (annual billing)
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom pricing



When you have multiple cloud apps for your business, it’s ideal to have a tool like to integrate them for easy switching and usage. In addition, can connect your work apps to a single platform making it easier to manage your inbox, storage, contact info, and other document handling processes.

Create simple end-to-end workflows and sync data between different applications without needing a degree in IT. In addition, it can manage complex workflows across different platforms through conditional logic and delay features.


  • Intuitive design to help visualize your workflow with a no-code approach to make it easier for managers.
  • Drag and drop workflow design tools let you create instant workflows.
  • Choose from a variety of automation templates to fast track your automation configuration.
  • Use advanced logic and multi-stage automation to navigate between different applications.
  • Seamlessly integrate many cloud-based applications for easy data migration across platforms.
  • Shared folders to allow collaboration on projects.
  • Role-based restrictions for team members to ensure higher security.


Pricing for includes:

  • Free
  • Personal – $9.99/month
  • Professional – $19/month
  • Startup – $39/month
  • Growth – $79/month
  • Business – $159/month

12. Gravity Flow


Gravity Flow provides business process automation tools with WordPress. Gravity Flow can provide the optimal tools to automate and fast-track your workflows if you have form-based business processes in your company.

It makes it easier to route form submission automatically, right from the start. Use the form builder from Gravity Flow to build your customized forms. Moreover, custom workflows allow you to design a specific workflow for your business operations.

Optimize and automate these workflows through intelligent features to enhance your business operation speed.


  • Scalable and expandable platform to cater to every business’ needs.
  • Automated handling makes it easier to process submitted forms and handle follow-up emails and notifications.
  • Ready to use automation steps make it easier to configure workflows without needing IT support or coding knowledge.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools with complete process tracking.
  • Available in 12 languages which makes it easier to operate in native languages.
  • Custom development tools to help users expand and integrate on their own.


Pricing plans for Gravity Flow include:

  • Ultimate License – $447/year
  • Pro License – $299/year
  • Core License – $99/year



IFTTT allows you to make better use of your current business applications. It’s a platform that connects all your applications, automating different processes and workflows to provide an easier and quicker way to access what you need.

You can customize your integrations through multiple queries and filter codes through this no-code platform. Hence, it’s straightforward to configure the platform according to your needs.

It can even be used as part of your SEO toolkit, making your online presence better. It also integrates with the voice assistant to provide seamless control features to navigate across different applications.


  • Integrate different apps like Amazon Alexa, Discord, Android SMS, Evernote, Dropbox, and many others to enjoy easy control.
  • Seamlessly execute automated operations.
  • Instant notifications for different apps.
  • Use Google Calendar to track your work hours.
  • Create and publish your customized applets.
  • Create actionable and customizable triggers.


IFTTT plans are priced as follows:

  • IFTTT Free
  • IFTTT Pro – $5/month
  • IFTTT Pro Plus – $10.5/month

Best Workflow Automation Software Platforms FAQ

What is workflow automation software?

Workflow automation software is a type of business process management software that helps companies automate repeatable processes or tasks.

Common features include drag-and-drop workflow builders, built-in libraries of common business processes, and the ability to integrate with other business applications. Workflow automation software can help companies improve efficiency and optimize resources by streamlining manual or paper-based processes.

It can also help to improve accuracy and compliance by ensuring that tasks are completed in the correct order and according to company policies. In addition, workflow automation software can help reduce cycle times and improve customer satisfaction by automating tasks that are typically completed manually, such as sending email notifications or creating reports.

How do I create a workflow automation?

The workflow automation tools listed in this article are great starting points for creating a workflow automation process.

What is the difference between workflow automation and RPA?

Workflow automation is the process of automating repetitive and rules-based tasks in order to improve efficiency and eliminate errors. Additionally, workflow automation can help to optimize processes by providing visibility into how tasks are being completed and where bottlenecks occur.

In contrast, RPA (robotic process automation) is a form of workflow automation that uses software bots to mimic human actions in order to complete tasks. Unlike traditional workflow automation tools, which require significant configuration and customization, RPA tools can be quickly deployed and require little or no programming.

As a result, RPA is often used for tasks that are highly repetitive or rules-based, such as data entry or simple customer service inquiries.


Workflow automation software can help your business run smoother and faster. If you are looking for a way to automate your processes, one of the 13 best workflow automation software platforms we’ve listed may be right for you. With so many options available, it can be hard to decide which platform is the best fit for your company. We hope our list will give you a good starting point as you begin your search for the perfect solution. Have you tried any of these platforms? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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