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13 Best Linktree Alternatives for Social Media in 2022 (Free and Paid)

Written by Cody

March 8, 2022

It’s fascinating how the Instagram bio link became the foundation of a worldwide business serving 16 million users. But is Linktree truly the best option for your Instagram bio?

We are looking at a simple, easy-to-use bio link tool, but not all users are 100% happy. Some users dislike the fundamentals of this social media tool. Others only seek slight tweaks or more advanced features.

In the following article, we’ll offer you a rundown of 13 Linktree alternatives. Let’s dive in.

What Is Linktree?

Linktree is a landing page tool launched in 2016. It’s a simple service that provides you with a unique link to your own landing page.

The service was rooted in the Instagram bio limitation of one link per profile in many ways. Users wanted more than one link in bio to showcase their content or other social media platforms, and that’s where Linktree rose to the challenge as a clean and efficient bio tool.

But Linktree is not perfect. Some users aren’t fans of the obligatory “” part for every Linktree link and prefer a different custom URL.

A lack of link tracking for free-plan users also stands out as another con. Also, the free plan is scarce of themes to choose from.

Some users aren’t fans of giving Linktree traffic from their Instagram bio and would instead link to their own custom landing page. And speaking of the landing page, people aren’t fans of the obligatory Linktree branding on every page.

So if you’re looking for the best Linktree alternative for your social media channels, tools that allow you to add unlimited links to your micro landing page, bundle up as many links you want, compatible with your Instagram account or YouTube channel, preferably offering a free plan and other cool features, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive in!

What are the 13 Best Linktree Alternatives? Find Your Ideal Link-in-Bio Landing Page Tool

Here are my recommendation for the best Linktree alternatives.

1. TapKit


TapKit stands out from other Linktree alternatives with its QR and microsite features. If you need a service that goes beyond Instagram posts and bios, a tool that covers QR and social media campaigns, consider TapKit. The tool also allows you to collect emails from users, something Linkree doesn’t offer.


  • QR and microsite options rarely present in bio link tools
  • Unlike Linktree, this tool can collect emails
  • The company offers a free tutorial to get the hang of the service
  • Unlimited views across all pricing plans


Tapkit pricing comes in three options: Free, Grow at $15 per month, and Pro at $36 per month. All plans offer unlimited views, with an increased number of QR codes and microsites as you ramp up the pay grade. QR Studio and Microsite Studio are also available in all plans.

Bottom Line

If you are running a social media campaign and need QR and microsite features, TapKit is your winning ticket. If you need an option to build an unlimited database of user emails, something LInktree cannot offer, TapKit is the way to go once again.

2. ContactInBio


ContactInBio is a contender for any best Linktree alternative faceoff. In addition to the unlimited links, this link-in-bio service offers more landing page customization options.

And it’s not just a more comprehensive array of design changes. ContactInBio is among the very few bio link tools allowing users to embed products and online stores to their landing pages. Messenger links are also included.


  • Integrated Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
  • Image carousel feature
  • Messenger smart links, allowing direct links to top messenger services like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, and more
  • Users can embed contact forms and email sign-up links
  • Video backgrounds, unlimited links on the landing page


ContactInBio offers a free plan aimed at individual users, as well as two paid options: Business and Agency.

The first paid tier expands the customization options and includes Facebook Pixel integration, link thumbnails, and more. You can sign up for the free version and get more info on the official site.

Bottom Line

ContactInBio is one of the best Linktree alternatives, offering custom domains, better background image options, and various standout core features.

Both paid versions and the free plan expand on the Linktree features, allowing users to craft better landing pages. You can sign up for free.

3. Sked Social


Sked Social is one of the premium Linktree alternatives and one of the most sophisticated link-in-profile tools on the market right now.

The service supports custom CSS for additional landing page optimization. The landing page loads four times faster than most similar Instagram bio services. Also included in the mix is a highly intuitive drag and drop interface.


  • Customizable CSS
  • Multiple social media links and platforms integrated
  • Four times faster than almost any other Instagram marketing platform
  • Visual drag-and-drop planner


With no free plan available, Sked Social pricing starts at $25 per month, going up to $135 per month for the Professional plan.

All plans include an advanced auto-posting feature for your Instagram feed and an option to add links to other social media platforms, including your Facebook page, YouTube channel, and more.

Bottom Line

Sked Social is the best Linktree alternative if you’re looking for advanced features such as high speed and customizable CSS. The high loading speed helps increase the conversions rate, and so does the CSS customization.

The pricing is not cheap, but the tool will help you make your Instagram account shine with a single link.

4. Taplink


Taplink is a multi-functional tool that allows users to craft a website on the go using a highly intuitive interface.

Users can add links to other social media platforms, stores, blog posts and also include messenger links.


  • Easy to use
  • Aimed at services, creators, influencers, and regular users
  • Includes 300 templates you can mix to create your own design
  • Ability to present time-limited offers and embed Q&As
  • A highly efficient system for order management


Taplink is available in the basic free version plus two paid options: Pro and Business. The free version includes unlimited links with text blocks, Q&As, and stats. Switching to Pro opens ten new features, including post scheduling and map blocks, while the Business plan adds additional nine features at $9 per month.

Bottom Line

What makes Taplink one of the best Linktree alternatives is its high versatility and ease of use. The Q&A section is a standout feature, but it’s the vast design options that allow you to craft a genuine and authentic landing page.

Use promo code: BolderEntrepreneur for a 7-day free trial

5. TapBio


If you’re looking for LinkTree alternatives that offer significantly different landing pages and Instagram bio link options, check out TapBio.

We are looking at one of the link-in-bio tools that offer landing pages more in line with small websites than just lists of links.

The tool is clearly mobile-oriented and geared towards improving the visual side of your regular link-in-bio tools. The interface is based on card sections that cover various social media options.


  • Visual-based LinkTree alternative
  • Intuitive design based on cards rather than lists of links
  • Tracking options via Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
  • Users can retarget ads on various social media platforms


The TapBio free plan grants users a single profile card. At $3 per month, the Silver plan offers three cards and stats page access.

The Gold plan costs $8 per month and includes unlimited cards with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel add-ons. You can contact the company for the quote-based Platinum plan with custom branding.

Bottom Line

For many users, TapBio makes the LinkTree landing page outdated and takes the one-link concept to the next level. Users can create landing pages that look more like Instagram posts and don’t make the visitors feel like they left their Instagram feed, making it more likely to take action.

6. Beacons


Apart from the gorgeous looks, Beacons stands out as one of the top LinkTree alternatives for monetizing your product and services.

Specifically, we are looking at six different monetization blocks: Appointments, Requests, Support, Store, Marketplace, and a staple Beacons feature – TikTok Shopping.

As you can see, apart from offering unlimited links, Beacons is beyond just an Instagram bio service and integrated the popular social media platform TikTok as one of its key components.


  • The most comprehensive lineup of monetization features and commerce links
  • TikTok connection
  • Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel support
  • Advanced AI capabilities for customization
  • Custom domain, multiple links on the landing page


The Beacons pricing options are simple: Free, and Pro at $10 per month. When used as a free Linktree alternative, this bio tool offers unlimited links, full customization, and monetization features, plus on-page analytics.

The pro version unlocks the custom domain option and lowers the commissions for monetization features.

It also removes the Beacons branding from your landing page and allows users to add multiple links to three extra pages.

Bottom Line

Even in the free-plan option, the Beacons Instagram bio tool is the No. 1 Linktree alternative for users focused on monetization.

With just one link, you will open up to six monetization tools for your Instagram audience to support your work. The service delivers high converting landing pages for all the links.

7. Campsite


Campsite is one of the top Linktree alternatives for users looking to increase the visual appeal of their link-in-bio landing pages.

In addition to sharing multiple links – as many links as you want, actually – making a custom landing page, and basically everything LinkTree offers, Campsite adds images and thumbnails alongside standard links. Note that users can only upload pictures from their Instagram posts or Instagram feed.


  • Instagram post scheduler is available on Campsite
  • Users can add animation to links
  • Advanced options like Facebook Pixel integration, AdSense and Google Analytics add-ons, plus Canva, Sheets, and MailChimp tools are available in the paid version
  • One of the easiest-to-use tools to create links  for Instagram bio sections


The free version of this link-in-bio tool gives users unlimited links, custom domain, advanced customization options, and the ability to add YouTube videos and other clips directly to the landing page.

At $7 per month or $70 yearly, the paid version unlocks additional tracking and customization options, plus additional link-in-bio tools to make your own landing page stand out. You can check the pricing options on the official site.

Bottom Line

More than an Instagram bio link tool, Campsite is an excellent LinkTree alternative for users searching for a link tool that is easy to use. It offers specific customization options and allows users to connect all your social media platforms in a single link. The company offers a 10-day trial for the Pro version.

8. Milkshake


Milkshake is a Linktree alternative aimed at users who don’t have an official site and prefer turning their Instagram bio links into one.

The tool is 100% free. The service is card-based and moves away from the regular link lists that every Linktree landing page is known for.


  • Free
  • No official website required
  • Free analytics access
  • On-board email features
  • Multiple links included


As noted, Milkshake is a free tool. Users can create landing pages as soon as they register to the service and add links from the get-go.

Milkshake is one of the tools that feature unlimited links. Note that the customization options are limited compared to some of the paid options on this list.

Bottom Line

If you want a free, gorgeous-looking official website integrated into your Instagram account that includes bio link tool, Milkshake is your winning ticket.

The lack of customization features and the permanent company branding are drawbacks, and the tool does not support desktop use. But, it’s still thoroughly impressive what we get here free of charge.

9. Lnk.Bio

Overview is among the best Linktree alternatives if you’re looking for the best value for money in the paid version. The service relies on a minimalist, image-based landing page.

You can take pictures from your Instagram posts and Instagram stories and integrate them within the bio link.


  • Top value for money
  • Minimalis, image-based design
  • Multiple links
  • One of the fastest registrations around


The pricing starts at $0.99 per month, although a free version with limited features and a random URL is also available.

A lifetime paid subscription is priced at $9.99,  including options to track and tag links, choose between one of 27 layouts, and more.

With the Unique plan, available for a one-time fee of $24.99, you will get additional customization features, including the ability to remove the company branding from your landing page.

Bottom Line

If you want to pay the lowest price and get most of the premium features other link-in-profile tools offer at a higher price, check out

10. Hypage


Hypage is a landing page tool that allows users to sell digital products directly to their followers across all social media platforms.

You can collect email addresses and integrate email services such as MailChimp and set up virtual donation boxes and membership options.


  • Hypage is focused on monetization and selling digital products
  • The service allows users to collect email addresses from their followers and customers
  • Zero transaction fees in the Pro version
  • Users can take fan requests and donations


Hypage is available in Free, $19 per month Pro, and $39 per month Enterprise plans. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that the Free version includes email collection and video links. In the Pro version, transaction fees are removed, you get PayPal support, donations, and fan requests.

Bottom Line

Hypage is another excellent option for monetization-driven users. The PayPal option is also something not all Linktree alternatives can offer, and we also like the pleasant design and the ease of use.

11. Feedlink


Feedlink is more geared towards users looking to generate leads through their landing page. Another standout feature is the large specter of album options for all social platforms. The ability to survey followers is another feature that not all Linktree alternatives offer.


  • Users can add tag links to individual photos
  • You can add surveys for your followers
  • You can change the whole feed without editing the link in your Instagram bio
  • A wide array of album options for all social media platforms


Apart from the free option, Feedlink is available in three paid options: Pro, Pro Plus, and Premium. The free option is limited in speed and the number of social networks covered.

The limit is lifted on all paid plans. The only difference between the three paid options is the number from sources, ranging from two to 15 depending on the plan.

Bottom Line

If lead generation is what you are looking for when choosing your Instagram bio tool, go with Feedlink.

The service offers top-notch album gallery capabilities, allowing users to showcase and sell their products across all popular social media platforms.


Overview is an Instagram bio tool that works best for artists and content creators. You can collect emails, shoot our surveys, and most importantly, connect your content from Spotify, YouTube, Medium, and other platforms.

The tool offers GIFs and theme customization options. If you are a musician, is a great choice.


  • Easily customizable landing pages
  • GIFs support
  • Ability to post surveys and collect emails
  • Great for artists and content creators, especially musicians


The key features of are available free of charge. Users can also opt for the Pro version to unlock unlimited blocks.

Bottom Line

If you are an artist, is one of the best Linktree alternatives you can choose. The tool encompasses everything a musician needs, from affordable pricing to plenty of valuable features in the free plan.

13. LynxInBio


LynxInBio is another option that stands out with high ease of use and affordable pricing. You will get all the critical features a suitable Instagram bio tool needs at just $5 per month in the Pro plan.

The Lynx interface is highly intuitive and easy to use even by newbies. The service also supports custom domains, as well as custom background images.


  • Very easy to use
  • Highly affordable
  • Delivers all critical features of a top-notch bio link tool in Pro plan
  • Custom domain support
  • Custom background images


The free option is relatively limited, but the Lynx Pro plan offers everything a good Instagram bio link service should deliver at just $5 per month. A $40 yearly subscription is also available.

The Pro plan perks include custom domains, click tracking, and removing the Lynx stamp from your landing page.

Bottom Line

 If you don’t need the fancy features of premium Linktree alternatives and just want the essential options that make a god Instagram bio tool, LynxInBio is your lucky pick.

The service is highly affordable, not taxing on your system, and exceptionally easy to use.

Best Linktree alternatives FAQ

Is Linktree Banned on Instagram?

No, the Linktree bio tool is not banned on Instagram. Linkree was banned back in 2018 for breaking community standards.

But, the ban was quickly lifted after users hit out against the platform through their Instagram accounts.

The ban ultimately improved the relationship between the social media giant and the link-in-bio tool.

However, rumors still circulate that Linktree will be banned from Instagram.

The bio tool’s representatives point out they are working with the social media platform to ensure they follow the community rules and guidelines. At the moment, Instagram accounts are behind 40 percent of Linktree’s total traffic.

Why Shouldn’t I Use Linktree?

The critical point here is that Linktree doesn’t take users to your own domain but to the landing page hosted by the bio link service itself.

Apart from giving Linktree free traffic, you have zero control if the service goes down, sending all your Instagram bio visitors to a 404 page.

Also, the obligatory Linktree branding on every landing page is not good for your business, and neither is the limited choice of color options in the free version. If your brand with trademark colors and design, the free version of Linktree just won’t cut it.

What Do You Get With Free Linktree? Unlimited Links or Multiple Links?

The free version of Linktree covers all the basic functions of the bio link tool. You will get your “” custom URL, a LinkTree-branded landing page, with the ability to add unlimited links.

The free plan also covers a function to embed YouTube videos and collect tips and donations from your Instagram audience and other social media platforms.

The only link tracking feature the free version will get you is the total view counter for all the links you have generated. The customization features are limited to a set number of fixed themes.

Wrap up

We hope that this rundown of Linktree alternatives was helpful to you and that you found your ideal link-in-bio tool to host all your links.

Maintaining your Instagram audience is critical in today’s world, and a quality landing page builder will go a long way in helping you develop your business. Keep cool and keep your smart links up.

If you liked this Linktree alternatives review, check out my other helpful software reviews like Calendly alternatives.

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