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8 Best NFC Business Cards To Help You Stand Out (2022)

Written by Cody

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Near-field communication technology, or NFC, is not new by any stretch. In fact, it’s nearly four decades old, but I think I understand why more and more people have started to pick up on it recently.

They say your net worth is directly tied to your network which business cards have played a key component in for some time. However, traditional business cards are somewhat lackluster and don’t offer much information. That’s where NFC comes into play.

Imagine if you had a business card that could immediately show your entire portfolio, all business links, virtual brand imagery, and contacts. Imagine if you could hand it to a lead, they simply tap on it, and they gain all of this information in their phones instantly.

Well, that’s exactly what near-field communication cards do.

Although the space is still relatively small, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.9% during 2021-2027 reaching a total value of $30 million by 2027.

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What Are the Best NFC Business Cards?

Let’s say you’re starting a brand new digital marketing agency. If you could implement an easier way for leads and contacts to learn more about you and get in touch with you faster, wouldn’t you use it? NFC business cards help differentiate you from others, thus making you more memorable.

The only question is, “which NFC business card should I choose”.

Well, that’s exactly what I want to highlight today and provide you with my top 9 picks for the best NFC cards for business professionals.

1. Popl


Popl is one of the most popular digital business card platforms, offering a variety of custom products, as well as the acclaimed Popl Pro SaaS.

The Popl Shop is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs and small business owners that want to buy custom NFC cards while SMEs and larger companies could benefit the most from the company’s Popl Pro subscription.

The free Popl mobile app is one of its strongest features, boasting a streamlined UI and ease of use. In combination with patented phone tags and an AI-powered business card scanner, this platform has everything a business owner may need to spread the word about their brand.

I’d also like to touch on the Popl Pro subscription, which enables users to fully customize their NFC card experience. With custom contact cards, QR codes, video embeds, attachable profile links, several selectable modes, and a plethora of other features, this is one of the most comprehensive apps available in the market.

Key Features

  • Popl Direct
  • Customizable QR codes
  • Lead Capture mode
  • An AI-powered business card scanner
  • Pop map
  • Wallet QR Code embeds
  • Scannable business card contacts
  • Personal and Business modes


The Popl Pro app subscription costs $7.99 per month and comes with a 2-week trial.

Aside from that, you can also purchase customizable NFC business cards from the Popl Shop which all range in price.

What I Like / Dislike About Popl


Its ability to cater to all business needs of any client profile is what I like about Popl the most. Whether you’re a solopreneur, an aspiring owner of a small business, or a distinguished CEO of a larger corporation, this platform has what you need.


There aren’t any major drawbacks to the Popl platform. You don’t need to purchase the Pro upgrade to use its NFC cards, all of which are fully customizable. Some of the products in its shop may be perceived as pricey, but even so, Popl’s offerings provide huge value for the money.

Who Is This For?

Popl’s products, apps, and services are well-suited for everyone, regardless of business size, niche, market, or aesthetic preferences. This company ensured that its catalog is approachable to any budget, and its products are refined, polished, and innovative.

2. V1CE


V1CE would be best described as a boutique NFC card manufacturer and seller. Unlike Popl, this company’s approach is more straightforward and streamlined. You don’t need any app to use its cards, which become active as soon as you order them and tap “share & go”.

The main draw of V1CE lies in the gorgeous aesthetics of its cards. From plain white and matte black, over sleek patterned designs, to exquisite gold-plated luxury-style business cards, V1CE products are designed to accommodate any aesthetic, whether it be minimalistic, flamboyant, or elegant.

Aside from NFC business cards, V1CE also offers phone “taps”, which are simple attachable accessories that serve the same purpose while having a smaller footprint.

NFC smart cases are also a part of V1CE’s catalog, as well as gift cards, RFID wallets, cardholders, and value bundles comprised of essential business accessories.

Key Features

  • 25 unique contactless business card models
  • Selectable metal, PVC, and bamboo card material
  • No app is required to use V1CE products
  • Gift cards
  • NFC card bundles
  • Premium gold-plated options


V1CE offers both affordable and high-end NFC cards and business accessories in the range between $48 and $427.

What I Like / Dislike About V1CE


Although I’m a huge fan of Popl’s app-compatible NFC cards, I believe the pristine quality of V1CE’s products is reason enough to put them in the same basket. Brilliantly made, beautiful, and versatile, each card exudes authority and respect.

Additionally, V1CE is a one-stop shop for emerging business owners, allowing you to purchase boutique wallets, card holders, gift cards, smart cases, and a variety of other accessories. The “V1CE Tap” is also amazing in its own right, offering a more convenient alternative to conventional digital business cards.


The downside of V1CE is the lack of customization options. With V1CE, what you see is what you get. Fortunately, the company offers a range of products in all shapes, sizes, and colors and at different price ranges.

Who Is This For?

I recommend V1CE to business owners and entrepreneurs that have a regal taste for aesthetics when it comes to NFC cards. If you’re searching for sleek, modern, and polished digital business cards, swing by V1CE’s shop and I’m sure you’ll find something to suit your needs.

3. Mobilo


Mobilo is an innovative NFC Card platform. Offering you a host of choices; whether you want to buy an affordable Mobilo-branded card, a custom metal-made premium one, or outfit your employees with Mobilo products packed with activity trackers, it is in Mobilo’s catalog.

Similar to Popl, this company offers a subscription-based product called Mobilo for Teams. Dubbed the “all-in-one” near-field communication card, this product boasts functions that enable both online and offline meetings, track contacts, leads, conversions, and more.

The Admin Control panel is one of the most innovative features of Mobilo cards. You can customize various aspects of the card’s performance from here.

Mobilo cards also feature inbuilt performance trackers, which can gather valuable data about your employees. Mobilo for Teams was designed to streamline in-house communication and organization while enabling the carriers to use the card in other typical ways (promoting the brand, sharing information with potential leads, and such).

Key Features

  • Plug & Play design
  • Supports both iOS and Android phones
  • NFC chip
  • Scannable QR Codes
  • Employee performance tracking
  • Offline mode
  • Several material options


Mobilo offers a variety of products ranging from $7.00 to $95. Mobilo for Teams is a subscription-based service costing an additional $29 per employee annually.

What I Like / Dislike About Mobilo


Mobilo’s NFC cards are all but typical. These products are among the most versatile near-field communication cards on the market. Featuring employee management functions, analytics, controllable user profiles, and a host of offline features, they stand out from the majority of digital business cards.

Design-wise, the cards are fully customizable. You can choose from a broad palette of shapes and colors, as well as add your brand’s logo and other symbols to make your card truly unique.


As convenient as Mobilo for Teams is, it’s a pricey subscription if you own a company with hundreds of workers.

Who Is This For?

If you’re in the market for quality NFC cards, Mobilo offers numerous relatively inexpensive options. I mainly recommend it to business owners that want to benefit from Mobilo tracking and team organizing features.

4. TapTok


TapTok is a popular NFC Card brand that stands out from contemporary alternatives by offering its customers an opportunity to design their custom cards directly on the TapTok website.

This forward-thinking approach has made TapTok more accessible for non-tech-savvy people, enabling people with minimal or no technical proficiency to create beautiful card designs.

The main draw of TapTok products is the powerful features each card is equipped with. From in-depth analytics to fully customizable profiles to 1-tap virtual profile sharing, these benefits can be reaped by simply ordering a card, as no app is needed for it to function.

In the profile section, you can monitor your networking performance on various social networks, profile visits, receive annual reports of prospect interactions, and more. All of these analytic metrics are displayed as graphs and charts for clearer visibility and a cleaner overview.

Key Features

  • Fully customizable NFC business cards
  • TapTok NFC dots
  • Several card materials are available
  • On-page card designer
  • Scannable QR Codes
  • Doesn’t require an app to work
  • Audience Insights


TapTok offers three different card options:

  • Essentials card: $4.99
  • Customized card: $59.99
  • Metal card: $79

What I Like / Dislike About TapTok


What I liked the most about this brand is the superior customizability of its products.

You can cherry-pick pretty much every aspect of the card, and to top it off, the entire process begins and ends on the company’s website with the on-page card builder.


The only downside is that TapTok doesn’t offer as many high-end products as other providers and their analytics aren’t as detailed when compared to a few of their competitors.

Who Is This For?

TapTok NFC cards are remarkably powerful and versatile, but more importantly, they are far better than average when it comes to customizability. If you want a fully personalized digital business card that you won’t need an app to use, I recommend giving TapTok a shot.

5. Linq


Linq offers well-made, affordable NFC business cards packed with simple yet powerful features. In comparison to my earlier picks, Linq combines elements of both Popl and V1CE, featuring an optional subscription to its Linq Pro app for vastly upgraded features, and a formidable catalog of fully customizable virtual cards.

Regarding the latter, each Linq Card supports video and photo embeds, integration with social profiles, a customizable virtual contact profile, and a sleek, modern design.

Just like Popl, Linq offers a subscription for teams featuring customizable workflow triggers, configurable team member profiles, analytics, brand profiles, and more.

Linq Pro is the most valuable product on the company’s menu. It offers the innovative Linq Leap feature, which allows you to set redirect links on your card, as well as a variety of custom forms, custom profile pages, profile logos, Spotify & Soundcloud embeds, and more advanced analytics.

Key Features

  • Link shop of business accessories
  • In-app Linq page builder
  • Fully customizable user profile
  • Custom links
  • Linq Pro
  • Advanced analytics
  • Custom logo in profiles
  • Video embeds
  • Meetings schedule
  • Custom forms


A subscription to Linq Pro costs $5 per month or $50 per year. The cost of its Premium Linq Card starts at $49.99 but is subject to changes depending on your needs.

What I Like / Dislike About Linq


In comparison to the alternatives, Linq performs very well, covering virtually all bases while offering more affordable products. From premium NFC business cards to a range of business accessories to an upgraded subscription-based app, it’s a well-rounded solution for both entrepreneurs and business owners.


Linq and its Premium Card do not have many drawbacks. The only thing worth mentioning is that some of the brands I’ve listed above offer a slightly more versatile approach to NFC card customization.

Who Is This For?

I recommend Linq to all business owners and entrepreneurs that are searching for a sleek, easy-to-use NFC card. The Pro subscription is also very valuable, as it costs a mere $5 while bringing a range of upgrades to the table.

6. Vista Connect


Vista is a tech giant, dabbling in everything from marketing materials, signs, posters, clothing, labels, packaging, photo gifts, calendars, and everything in between. They also dabble in near-field communication digital business card services.

Vista Connect is among the handful of free services that basically enhances digital cards with NFC technology, enabling you to reap the benefits of advanced scanning technologies, custom sign-up forms, and more.

In terms of features, Vista Connect cards are fairly well-rounded. Each card is supplied with simple “Add Contact” and “Call Now” buttons while highlighting the user’s social links, video embeds, business information, and custom links.

The process is also quite simple. By using the website’s card creator, you can design the card and cherry-pick bits of information that your customers or clients will see. After that, you can place your order

Key Features

  • 430-GSM paper card reinforced with matte laminate
  • Dozens of presets and designs
  • Profile, photo gallery, and video highlights
  • “Call Now” function
  • Custom links
  • Personal schedule


Vista Connect’s services are free to use. The NFC card itself starts at $20.99 and the price decreases as you add more to your cart.

What I Like / Dislike About Vista Connect


The obvious benefit of Vista Connect is that you can upgrade your digital cards with NFC technology at no cost whatsoever. As a free service, Vista Connect went the extra mile to ensure its products are competitive, presenting a range of robust features, especially the tappable buttons.


The customization options are not as diverse as the options provided by premium NFC card brands.

Who Is This For?

Vista Connect is ideal for people that want to familiarize themselves with NFC technology without much financial risk.

7. Qwerty Cards


Qwerty Cards is a relatively new NFC card company, offering a wonderfully-made product at highly approachable prices.

The Qwerty card packs a fully customizable design, coming with an inbuilt QR code and an NFC chip. One of its strongest features is the acclaimed lead generator. Although it isn’t as sophisticated as your average SaaS lead generator machine, it does an excellent job at attracting people to your channels.

Combined with the other features, the lead generator allows you to not only gain a larger audience but the tools you need to show them everything about your brand or business with a single tap of a button.

It also packs a comprehensive dashboard that was specifically designed to give you as much flexibility with profile customization as possible.

Key Features

  • High-quality card materials
  • Inbuilt NFC chip and QR code
  • Lead generator software
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • No app is required to use it


Qwerty Cards offers a single subscription plan that starts at $49 per year.

What I Like / Dislike About Qwerty Cards


The versatility of customization options, the robust lead generator, and the streamlined dashboard are the things I liked about the Qwerty Card the most. Additionally, I love the fact that they typically ship within 24 hours and offer discounts on bulk orders.


On the downside, even though the subscription costs only $49 per year, it can quickly add up on your list of expenses if you’re ordering more than one.

Who Is This For?

I mainly recommend Qwerty Cards to owners of emerging businesses and fresh entrepreneurs. With its lead generation and powerful customization options, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone, reaching new customers and ensuring they can learn as much as they can about your brand.

8. Blinq


Blinq is our last, but not least, provider of NFC business cards on this list. Their process is quick, but the page-loading times of their cards are even faster; nearly all aspects of the user’s profile can be customized while innumerable integrations ensure you can easily connect all relevant pages and links to the card.

The on-page card designer will save you a lot of time and effort; it’s very easy to use, and the presets are gorgeous.

Pricing-wise, I believe Blinq is one of the most flexible companies on this list, offering several interesting packages for individuals and teams.

Key Features

  • Unlimited fields and forms on user profiles
  • QR Code, airdrop, and SMS NFC information sharing
  • Brand logos can be embedded in QR codes
  • On-page card designer
  • Rapid page loading times


The pricing of Blinq NFC cards starts at $40 per product. Additionally, the company offers two subscription plans, including Premium at $2.99 per month, and Business at $2.99 per card per month.

What I Like / Dislike About Blinq


It’s remarkable how cheap the subscriptions to upgraded Blinq cards are, but what I love the most about them is that you can create up to five unique themes and designs without paying extra.


The only downside to Blinq cards is that they lack the unique features some of the other cards I’ve listed have (Linq Leap, Popl Direct).

Who Is This For?

Blinq is a fantastic brand for business owners that aim to order NFC cards in bulk. Not only is the subscription quite affordable but most of the exclusive features are specifically designed to elevate teamwork and workflow efficiency.

Final Thoughts

If you’re wondering what makes the best NFC cards stand out from the rest, there are a few possible answers. For some, it’s the ease of use. It’s hard enough to get someone interested in what you’re selling, let alone convert them to a customer/client.

For others, features are king. If you’re searching for an all-in-one digital card that can transport heaps of information to your customers’ phones in a bat of an eye, you’re probably looking for Popl or V1CE.

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