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👉 Who am I?

👉 Why did I start this blog?

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Who am I?


Hey, my name’s Cody and I am a serial entrepreneur who lives in PEI, Canada.

Over the past 10ish years, I’ve worked on both sides of the online marketing world – paid and organic.

The timeline below goes over where I started and how I ended up where I am today.



In 2014 I graduated from university and started life out in the real world.

My first gig was doing SEO work for a SaaS utility company that helped people in the utility space better organize and track their work orders.

That job was my first taste of SEO but the space wasn’t very exciting to me.

So, from there I got a job working remotely for a CDN (content delivery network) company based out of Switzerland.

I learned a ton and did everything from writing in-depth technical guides to building partnerships to troubleshooting customer problems and so much more.

It was a great job and the founders were a pleasure to work with but by the end of my time there I started wanting more.



You’ll notice that these years overlap because I can never just have one thing on my plate.

In 2016, I started my music blog called Musician Tuts. I built it, wrote all the content for it, and was able to have it reach a consistent 50,000 monthly visitors.

That being said, I was still very green in terms of monetizing a blog and therefore wasn’t yet ready to capitalize on what I had right under my nose.

I kept working on the blog for years and although saw some success it wasn’t enough.

So, in 2018, I started learning about dropshipping/ecommerce.



My first couple of ecommerce store were a complete flop. I ran some ads, got a few sales but ultimately I was unprofitable.

But it’s those few sales that lit a fire inside of me and had be believing that I could actually make this work if I continued with it.

So, I did. After a lot more testing, and spending money on ads I finally landed on something that worked.

And when you land on something that works in e-commerce you can scale it to the moon if you have all your logistics in place.

So, over the next 4 years, I worked on scaling up my e-commerce store and was able to break over $2 million in revenue running this e-commerce store by myself.

Running a product-based store is both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Unless you pack, store, and ship all of your products in-house you have to rely on third parties to do a lot of the work for you.

That being said, if you work with the right people, things can go really well.

However, in 2022 I started to lose interest in the business I was running and that combined with rising ad costs, an inflationary environment, and constant supply chain issues due to Covid-19 I began winding down.

That’s when I made the decision to shift my focus on building a blog to share my experiences and and consult with existing brand owners to help their further their goals.

So, why did I start this blog?


I started this blog to build a business that is focused on my personal brand and to help teach others about the tactics, tools, and strategies I use along the way.

As I’ve said before, I love improving my SEO skill set and believe there are really only 2 things that you need to master:

1) Create high-quality content

2) Build high-quality backlinks

This blog will be a case study of sorts to see what is possible through blogging with a personal brand and I’ll try my best to share my insights along the way.

What I aim to achieve


With this blog, I am to achieve a lot of things. Namely:

  • I’d like to reach 7 figures in revenue over the next few years.
  • I want to teach others how to do the same.
  • I want to help companies create high-quality, actionable content that increases their bottom line.
  • I want to build a business that is sustainable for years to come.

As you can see, I have a lot of plans for this blog. If you’ve made it this far, awesome, I’m glad you’re interested!

If you’d like to follow along with my journey, feel free to sign up to my newsletter or reach out and say, hi.

Additionally, to learn a little more about me check out this interview I did with Mailbutler.

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